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JuzToday for Businesses

What's JuzToday?

JuzToday is Singapore's up and coming social media marketing platform that leverages off the concept of group buying to market your product to the masses of consumers that matters most to you.

As entrepreneur ourselves, we understand the issues faced by you when it comes to advertising and promotion such as Cost, Effectiveness, and the Hassle of planning and coordination.

Here's how we can help you...

Effectively reach customers that matters most to you

  • Our social media marketing efforts will be geared towards creating a viral word of mouth promotion, among the affluent lifestyle oriented customers that are typically hard to reach via traditional media such as TV or Print. (Think about it, what are the young people doing nowadays, Facebooking and Twittering)

At no upfront cost and purely performance-based.

  • Cost even before earnings, is always the first thing that comes to mind when you think about advertising via a magazine or flyer
  • At JuzToday, there is no upfront cost incurred. We will take a cut out of the sale value only when the transaction is completed. (Think guaranteed return from the cost incurred)

With no hassle

  • We understand that coordinating a traditional print, TV or radio promotion requires lots of time and effort.
  • At JuzToday, minimal hassle is required just design a deal with us and leave the editorial, marketing plan and customer coordination to you. Just sit back and await new customers to turn up

Wait no more!

Contact JuzToday now to feature your deal and give your business the boost it needs at promote@juztoday.com.



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Internet usage is growing at 480% from 2000 to 2011. Social media is growing even faster!

Contact JuzToday now to feature your deal and give your business the boost it needs!


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