Why JuzToday?

Why JuzToday but not Channel X or Magazine Y?

JuzToday is not just another website. We focus on designing the most effective and viral social media marketing strategy to introduce your products and services to not only one customer, but also the customer’s friend and the customer friend’s friend.

Our Facebook, Twitter campaign coupled with our referral program and specifically geared towards creating a viral word of mouth.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider us over traditional marketing medium

We ride on the trend...

You probably heard about Generation Z. They spend more time online than watching TV and reading magazine. They interact and stay connected through online social media like Facebook and Twitter. We know this because we are one of them.

We are less costly...

Unlike TV ads, radio ads or even flyers which require you to fork out a lump sum before even seeing results. We only take a cut out of the sale value upon the completion of sale, so there is definitely a cost and earning correlation. (Think ABSOLUTELY NO upfront cost.)

We are less risky...

Your cost is only incurred upon sale. So if the campaign is not successful in terms of generating sale, you need not pay us. You only need an open mind to try us out.

We are more effective...

The core of our media strategy focuses on creating a viral word of mouth, getting people to share with their friends and friends's friend about your product and services.

Furthermore, it is widely known that masses of young affluent customers that matters most to you spend more time on the internet gathering information on the next restaurant to dine in, product to purchase and etc than on any other traditional media.

Hence we could be the cost efficient option that you may want to consider!



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Internet usage is growing at 480% from 2000 to 2011. Social media is growing even faster!

Contact JuzToday now to feature your deal and give your business the boost it needs!


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